In the kitchen, crep cookin' like it's stir fry

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In this kitchen, we don’t sleep. We are available at all times to provide support, answer questions, and assist you through the cooking process.


Speed is everything. Our scripts are blazing fast to make sure you never are left waiting to cook. Say goodbye to sold out screens.


Learn the best techniques to become a master chef. Our admins will provide access to links, tutorials, scripts, and more helpful resources inaccessible to anyone else. It’s our shared secret.

What do we do?

crepkitchen makes sure you don’t miss out on any limited edition drops. Whether it be the latest Supreme drop or a new Jordan release, we make sure you are best prepared to cop. We will notify you when the most limited items become available the moment they are dropped, maximizing your chance of success. The days of waiting on your computer and refreshing pages are over.

Why should I join the kitchen?

Unlike other cook groups – we don’t charge you an inflated price for the same services. We try our best to go above and beyond to provide services exclusive to our members only.


Our developers have worked hard to create our own restock monitors, all working under a lite framework which allows them to operate on any site at lightning speeds, bringing restocks to our members first.


Our developers work hard to provide scripts exclusive to our members only. Our scripts help you enter a raffle thousands of times or checkout quickly on a site that isn’t supported by an existing bot. Don’t know how to run it? We’re always here to help.


We’ll be providing all of our members with a sitelist and a cook guide with all the information necessary to cop the latest drop. Each cook guide comes with resell outlooks and a predictions guide, so you know exactly what to cook and what not to cook.  


We have a team of highly qualified chefs to help you with any issue you may have. We can guide each step of the way and in no time you can also be a masterchef.

Cook Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what some of our cooks had to say:

“crepkitchen has been very helpful and has taught me a lot. I’ve learned a lot from this group. One thing that stands out is I can ask a question without being belittled.”


“I went into this cookgroup not knowing much about reselling, but when I joined I started copping many hyped items. Being in the cookgroup definitely pays itself for every month.”


“crepkitchen is simply amazing. Fastest notifications for Nike shock drops. The admins always make sure you’re fully prepared for release day. It’s more than just a sneaker cook group.”


“Everyone is very friendly and willing to help each other out and we all cook. This group is worth every cent you put into it.”


“The owner is dedicated to his customers, and takes the time to help everyone out as best as he can. The success thread speaks for itself. It’s not just another cook group.”

gin and oj

“crepkitchen is the best kitchen to cook hyped shoes. They got the ingredients needed including 24/7 support, bot help, discounts, and lit funko help. Personally I have made thousands of dollars with them.”